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Wednesday, 11 December 2013 07:35

Floor sanding questions

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Below you'll find several most common floor sanding questions concerning the sanding works the clients ask. You must note that not all of them are actually discussed here so if you need answers to such questions it is best to contact us by phone or by mail. We will answer you as soon and comprehensively as possible.

Is it possible to make sanding less dusty?

Using the latest technology of sanders that commonly use bugs for keeping dust you can effectively reduce the amount of dust while doing the sanding. It is, however, more dusty while performing some finishing works with other and smaller tools and also during the buffing.


Is it possible to do the 100% dust free floor sanding?

Our company possess the right equipment to do such kind of sanding for spaces exceeding 20 square metres. The sanding equipment operated by our skilled and experienced specialists is provided with an extraction unit that is more powerful than the equipment used by the competition. We use only the best filters labelled by the HEPA company and many other innovative solutions. You can get more on how we sand by contacting us.

What about the furniture?

It is best to remove all the furniture from the room or the place where you want us to do the complete sanding service. You must also remember not to bring in the furniture right after the sanding has been finished. This is because the finishing layer needs some time (about 36 hours) to dry and get the required strength. If there is no one that could help you with moving the furniture we can help you.


How long does the floor sanding usually take?

Depending on the size of the area and the complexity of the works to be done it is about 2 days for the sanding project to be accomplished. However, the exact time to do the sanding depends on various other factors which will be discussed when you contact us and tell us a bit more about what you need.



What about using chemicals?

Don't worry, we only use the wood-friendly and user-friendly products mainly based on water and, therefore, odourless and without any toxic materials. For staining works or gap filling we use resins based on solvents - these require more care in application as well as more ventilation to get rid of all the fumes.



Is it possible to hire you to sand commercial floors?

Yes, we perform all sorts of sanding works both for residential clients and commercial ones. We have over 10 years of experience in sanding all types of floors including parquets, engineered floors, hardwood floors, mosaics and many other ones. We possess the team of professional and highly-skilled experts in sanding, renovation and installation / fitting works. Some of our previous works included sanding for churches, chapels, universities, colleges, schools, restaurants, hotels, etc. Contact us for more info.



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