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Monday, 16 December 2013 12:32

Floorboards molding types

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There are several different molding possibilities available for different types of wooden surfaces. In this relatively short post we'd like to show you what floorboards molding types you can use for your wooden floor. Recall that you can call us or email us in case of any other questions - we will always be willing to help you.


Prefinished wood molding types:

If your floor is made of prefinished panels or parquet blocks you can use four different types of moldings. One of the most reliable and cheap molding is the quarter round molding forming a trim placed near all the walls in a room and the wooden floor. The other possibility is to use molding of the flash mount type which is the best option if you have two floors with different heights and you just want to reduce the height difference between them. If, on the other hand, you have two different wooden surfaces of the same height and you'd like to get a nice smooth and quality transition for them you can use the T-molding option. Because some of you may have the engineered floors it is best to use the threshold which is exclusively designed for such floors.


Hardwood floor molding:

Hardwood floors just like solid and engineered natural wooden floors can have four different molding types available. For those hardwood floors having exactly the same height it is best to use T-moldings. If you need to fill the gaps along all vertical walls you'll need to use the molding of the quarter round type. For those whose floors experienced a prolonged and extensive wearing it is advisable to use the overlap trip (it is excellent for stairs, anterooms, staircases, patios, kitchens, etc.). The last one is the overlap reducer designed perfectly to reduce the different heights the two different floors may show.

If you have an questions concerning the appropriate choice of moldings and trims to your floor, or you'd like to hire professionals who would do the floor installation, fitting, sanding and many other works - feel free to contact us and you won't regret it.


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