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Monday, 01 August 2016 08:21

How to easily clean hardwood floors?

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Hardwood floors are excellent for flooring being durable, fashionable and practical. However, as other floor types also hardwood floors require professional cleaning if we want to enjoy our floor for a long time. One may wonder what the best method od cleaning such floors is. Below we give you some suggestions how to do professional hardwood floor cleaning.


Always make sure that dirt is removed regularly

Even if you take care not to bring any dust, sand, debries, or any other dirt on the floor it is impossible to protect the floor entirely from getting dirty. The problem begins when sand or dust begins to pile up even in small quantities because it acts in a similar way to sandpaper scratching the floor and deteriorating its durability and look. Because of this we advise you to remove any type of dirt or debries as soon as possible especially if your hardwood floor is characterised by high-traffic.


Always mop the floor appropriately

Although most hardwood floors become more and more resistant to most spillages some commonly used liquids can do some serious damage to the wood if they stay on the surface for a longer time. Some of the most commonly used liquids include milk, oil, vinegar, mustard, but also most chemical substances and some cleaning agents. If you have a pet make sure that there is no urine left on the floor as it can affect the structure of the wood too.


Take care of proper mopping

Each wooden floor should be mopped at least once in a two week time, but remember to use a damp and not a soaking mop with some additional amount of alcohol or the right floor cleaning agent. If you want to quickly and effectively remove the stains or get rid of dust you my also use vinegar (a spoonful or capful will be enough) with water.


These are some of the most simple and effective means that make hardwood floor cleaning effective and simple without the need of applying costly solutions or special cleaning agents. Browse throuh our earlier blog ntires to find out more about hardwood and engineered floors.





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