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Wednesday, 23 April 2014 00:00

How to fix an uneven floor surface

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In this short thread we would like to give you some advice on how to fix an uneven floor surface to make it look and feel better. It is true that wooden planks and panels are an excellent material to cover your floor with yet they need to be installed and fitted using the skills and knowledge of true professionals. Having your panels laid down on the uneven surface can cause serious problems for the timber.


What can happen if I lay down panels on non-flat surface?

The major problem is always the cracking and bending of the wooden planks if some weight is going to be put on them.


What should I do if my surface area is not even?

The first thing is to look for the best specialist in your area - having a professional flooring and fitting expert by your side will be much more effective and safe than doing the works on your own. Having an expert in floor installation will allow you to have a perfectly levelled and then to provide the floor installation with a complete fitting service.

The wood floor installation experts will be able to localise and identify where exactly the floor surface is uneven. Using both knowledge and specialised devices such as straight edges or metal rules will allow to locate the precise source of the problem.


How is floor levelling done?

The best way to properly even the surface is to treat them with a packing levelling compound or using the latex version of the compound. All the high places, on the other hand will have to be thoroughly sanded or grounded using ring wheels. This will ensure that the following wooden floor installation will be done properly and no cracks or bends will appear.

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