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Friday, 27 March 2015 00:00

Parquet flooring oil

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One of the most important things to do after laying the floor is to apply some parquet flooring oil to make it well-protected against scratches, mechanical/chemical damages and wearing. It is also important if you want your floor to have a shiny-clean design and surface. In Avon Hardwood Flooring we know everything about what kind of oil apply on a given parquet floor.


Depending on the wooden floor type (e.g. hardwood floors, distressed wooden floors, mosaics, etc.) one may need  different kinds of flooring accessories to make each of them fully protected and fashionable.

For example, to prepare the effective and durable protective layer for the wooden surface you should use professional waterborne sealers. It is after the basic layer has already been applied that the following flooring oil layers can be applied onto the wooden surface.

After all the layers of oil have been applied it is highly recommended to use the so-called floor finishes which form a natural and effective barrier against both mechanical and chemical damages, scratches or usual wearing. The range of floor finishing oils and lacquers is vast and spans from antibacterial, through anti-slip ones and solvent-based flooring oils.

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