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Monday, 30 June 2014 00:00

Wooden floor design ideas

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It is possible to arrange your floor surface using many different designs. Each idea has its own benefits and disadvantages and thus it has to be decided carefully which option to choose.


Below you will find several major types of wooden flooring arrangement in both commercial and domestic interiors. It is most commonly the hardwood flooring that is used for such arrangements.


Inlaid floors - their characteristic feature is the use of another type of design on the floor surface. This surface pattern is predominantly placed inside the inlay and provides an excellent source of marvellous visual effects. The use of this type of flooring decreases steadily.

Mixed floors - they form a collection of a few different flooring arrangements which are all used in a single surface to make it unique and elaborate. Due to the use of natural stones and exotic types of wood this type of floor gets quite expensive, but exceptionally long-lasting.

Parquet floors - one of the most commonly used arrangements of the floor due to many patterns in which the blocks can be put and glued together. Although there are many patterns to arrange the parquet blocks these are always rectangular and fitted in Herringbone, Double Herringbone, or Chevron pattern. They are cheap and easy to repair or replace (you can replace individual wooden blocks), but they are also characterised by the lowered level of durability.

Our business comprise of many different flooring services to offer the potential client the chance to have his/her dreams come true. Depending on the needs we are available as floor fitters, installers, sanders and renovators. We will find you a floor type which will complement your interior in the best possible way. Our company are located in Bristol and we realise all our works in this region.


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