We are commercial and domestic floor sanding and fitting experts in Bristol and surrounding areas.

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Church and chapel floor sanding

If you are interested in only in sanding or refreshing your temple flooring it will not be a problem for us. We would carry out necessary repairs on your temple's floor using matching timber. The wooden church floor is then sanded to a fine finish to remove any scratches. As a part of restoration process are fixing down boards, filing minor holes and cracked boards. It will give your temple flooring a new life and beauty. We can offer you professional and comprehensive church floor sanding in Bristol as well as within all smaller towns and villages around Bristol.

Before sanding church floor




After sanding church floor



St Georges Clifton oak flooring after polishing

St Georges Clifton oak panel after sanding

St Georges Clifton oak panels renovation

St Georges Clifton oak panels sanding


We are solely committed to renovate wood flooring in churches/chapels and are dedicated to helping you fulfill your vision for a spiritual environment unique to your temple flooring. Avon Hardwood Flooring LTD in Bristol will repair, sand and finish a wide variety of wood floor types including popular woods such as oak and pine laid as strips, blocks or floorboards. Also if If the floorboards are damaged, split or warped, they can be re-lifted and re-laid.