We are commercial and domestic floor sanding and fitting experts in Bristol and surrounding areas.

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Floorboards sanding in Bristol

AHF floorboards sanding in Bristol works include the preparation, sanding, staining and polishing of all types of timber flooring.

We will offer you our expert advice on restoring your floor, and also on the different finishes. The preparation normally involves, repairing any damaged floorboards and punching nails below the surface. Gaps between floorboards are then filled with wood strips; this ensures a neat finish and stops any under floor draughts.

Our sanding machines will then be used to bring your floor to a smooth and even surface. By using the latest technology we can keep dust down to a minimum and in most cases can guarantee a 98% dust free environment to our work places. The floor can then be stained if required, and 3 coats of varnish or lacquer applied.

Our typical floorboards sanding services include home floor sanding, sanding of hotel or restaurant floors, church floor fitting and sanding and many other services. We mainly realise flooring works within Bristol.