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floor sanding FAQ (21)

We are happy to have undertaken another big flooring project - our Avon team have been given the opportunity of installing a completely new wooden floor in Christ Church in Swindon. We have been working wvery thoroughly painstakingly fitting and installing the wooden parquet blocks to make the church interior even more grandious and lavish.

Below you'' find a quick general guide on how to propertly install engineered floors. We give some into on the characteristics and the advantages of using engineered wooden floors. Need to know more? Contact us and we will help you!


If you are interested in fitting a completely new parquet block flooring you can choose from various options we make available in our official shop. Depending on your requirements and needs we can offer you prime oak and standard oak parquets of top quality and for affordable prices. They are characterised by durability and excellent wear-proof capabilities. They are thus perfect both for home and public places.

Similarly to other hardwood and engineered floors also parquets require a professional and comprehensive sanding service to protect the wooden surface against wearing, etc. In order to enjoy the smooth and great-looking parquet floor in your home, restaurant, or in any other interior we recommend using professional sanding machines such as edge sanders or orbital sanders. While orbital sanders are perfect for main works in a room edge sanders become useful when preparing the surface of the parquet around the corners and other hard-to-get places.

Hardwood floors are excellent for flooring being durable, fashionable and practical. However, as other floor types also hardwood floors require professional cleaning if we want to enjoy our floor for a long time. One may wonder what the best method od cleaning such floors is. Below we give you some suggestions how to do professional hardwood floor cleaning.

One of the most important things to do after laying the floor is to apply some parquet flooring oil to make it well-protected against scratches, mechanical/chemical damages and wearing. It is also important if you want your floor to have a shiny-clean design and surface. In Avon Hardwood Flooring we know everything about what kind of oil apply on a given parquet floor.

Amongst one of the most rapidly increasing trends in finishing of parquets is nowadays staining parquet floors. Avon Hardwood Flooring provide finest quality finishes for all sorts of wooden floors including mosaics, hardwood and softwood floors as well as parquets. We are based in Bristol where we also provide our services.

Most of the time spent walking on the hardwood floor we do not even take notice of any possible sounds that may be emitted while pressing individual panels. However, as the time passes the noise may get more disturbing and uncomfortable, which means that such a noisy hardwood floor needs some intervention. Below we will quickly offer you some possible solution to reduce the noise of your hardwood floor.

Some of us may get a little confused with the several different wood types used frequently for flooring in homes and other places like restaurants and hotels. In this post we would like to present both engineered and solid hardwood flooring and the benefits characterising the two types of wood.

It is possible to arrange your floor surface using many different designs. Each idea has its own benefits and disadvantages and thus it has to be decided carefully which option to choose.

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